I’m so grateful to writer Sheri McGregor for interviewing me for her article “Chickens in the Garden” in the March/April issue of Chickens Magazine.

If you have a chance, check it out. The magazine is beautiful and very helpful. Sheri’s article is full of great information and also the article called “Coming Home to Roost” also has some great information (and answers some questions I had.)

I mentioned rosemary and nandina grow in the chicken garden. Also now growing in the chicken yard: society garlic and bottle brush shrub. At first the chickens dug up the society garlic–I think they were going after the worms below it–but I replanted it and now it is growing. They don’t eat it–I suspect because it smells so garlicky!

If I can post a link to the article, I will, but for now, you have to buy the magazine to get it! Thanks for reading this blog! Happy Gardening!