Here’s what you need to know. I am a writer and a gardener. I love gardening in Southern California, where I live, but I also love to visit gardens (and the great outdoors) in other states, especially my home state of Arizona.

Some day, when I retire from my PR job, I would love to be a Master Gardner. I like the words “Master” and “Gardner” together. It gives me hope that I can finally fix all the problems in my garden. That is why I started this blog — I wanted to share my gardening joys and frustrations and to explore the mysteries that take place right under our nose.

Recently, I started writing about more than just gardening. I love our pets, horses, and nostalgic farm and ranching topics, especially when we are having a huge drought!

Enjoy! And please share your comments!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. i just found you… you remind me of me and my gardening aspirations. just did a san diego blog search. check out my blog…. http://www.nadiaknows.com
    vine plants in san diego get too much shade/ fog in the mornings… need lots of sun to grow those pumpkins… did you ever find out why you only got one lonely pumpkin? take care. nadia

    • Hi Nadia,

      I like your blog. Thanks for your input. I will keep reading! Nice to know there is someone else out there. (See the Sexy Pumpkins blog for why I think my pumpkin didn’t produce.) Best, Nina

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