My wonderful box of Annie’s Annuals arrived. I can’t wait to spend the weekend planting. unfortunately, I will be weeding a lot too. It’s a jungle of weeds right now!


Here’s what I will be planting:
–Clarkia concinna “Pink ribbons” — this was an annual. I know it will die fast. This was pure indulgence. I was looking back at my blog from two years ago and I saw the Clarkias I planted. They were so pretty that I had to order them again.

–Alstroemeria ligtu — I have big hopes for this. Let’s see if it thrives on the hill.

–Cynoglossum amabile “Blue Showers Tall Chinese Forget-me-Not”: with a name like that, they have to grow! I think this is an annual too but is should re-seed (I keep telling myself. The Clarkias were supposed to reseed but never did.).

–Mimulus Pamela: This should do really well in the clay soil, shade and dry conditions. It is a pretty yellow.

–Heuchera maxima: Channel Island Coral Bells–this is supposed to be a BIG coral bell plant. I am disgusted with all the coral bells I have planted that seem to get smaller and smaller every year instead of spreading. Plus, Channel Islands native should grow here, right?

Let’s see what lives. I know that doesn’t sound very hopeful, but I am becoming more of a realist every day (except for the Clarkias) šŸ™‚