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fountEaster Greetings! Here are some photos from this morning. We had fun with our fake eggs and chicks.

Why does it seem like everything is blooming today?  Even the Geranium Maderense is blooming for the first time!

henreitt a and chickThe coral bells are blooming…coral bellsAnd my favorite new flower for the hill, Bill Wallis Geranium or Geranium Pyrenacium is fabulous and nativizing. I have baby blue geraniums growing all along my rock wall in the clay soil (with hardly any water.) I love this plant. Thank you Annie’s Annuals (and perennials!)

photo (117)We had some fun with our chickens and some baby “chicks”

hen and chickThey actually hated them and ran away.  Then we added these eggs for our neighbor who is collecting them today. Surprise, Chuck!

photo (110)egg boxThe only sad thing is that our puppy is sick and at the kennel so here is a photo of her. Wish her a speedy recovery! We miss you, Cleo, but at least we didn’t have to worry about you eating chocolate and Easter grass!