Last night the two kids and two dogs and I took a first day of spring walk. My daughter wanted to bring her chicken but I wouldn’t let her. Anyway, I felt we should commemorate the Equinox!

The first day of spring is a happy day for the gardener!

Yet here on the Point, we are in the gloom of spring fog. I see the edge of sun on the horizon, and think I will have to leave the house and drive to get some sunshine. (I haven’t seen the sun since Sunday when we were in Alpine at a friend’s house.) Living here in spring fog begins to wear on me after a while. And it’s only just the start. This could last into June.

Despite this gloom, which isn’t anything like the weather in the other parts of the country so I know you are saying “Geez, get over it!”, I have some beautiful flowers (and a few pets) in my garden. Here are a few photos from last weekend:

ranuncphotophoto (108)