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My sister called me the other day and told me about the National Day of the Cowboy celebration coming up on July 25, 2015. She wanted me to come to Flagstaff and Prescott and write about. That sounds great, but I am going to Flagstaff later in the summer so I can’t go in July, too.

A few days later, I sent her this picture of me cutting calves last Saturday with my horse on my friend’s ranch.


I sent my sister that photo and told her that last Saturday was National Day of the Cowgirl! (It was for me, anyway!)

My horse Bayito looks really good. He lost all his shaggy winter hair and I could move the cinch in a notch. Did he loose a little of his hefty girth or did all that hair just make him fatter? (He is a fat horse, I won’t deny it.)

He loves to chase after the cows and make them behave. See how his ears are pinned bacK? He is very serious. Those calves had better not misbehave around Bayito.

Here he is on the round up taking a break for a photo. He really just wants to eat grass.

Mayroundup corrected

I’m wearing that Carhartt flannel shirt in May on Memorial Day weekend because it was 48 degrees in the mountains last Saturday. Yes, in the mountains outside of San Diego! It was freezing (and drizzling). My sister just gave me that shirt last week and I thought I would not wear it until next December — well, I was wrong!

(Also, to my newphew, do not make fun of my helmet.)

Our kids were so cold they sat in the car and waited. I told them to watch when the cows we rounded up came through the gate. I remember round ups from growing up and hundreds of cows and calves moving in a great dusty herd down the road toward the barns. I forgot that we were only rounding up about 40 cows and cavles. I don’t know if the girls even noticed the cows coming in! However, they were very taken in by a new born calf on spindly legs. Some things never change!