It’s finally raining her in Southern California!

My garden has been waiting. The rain washes away the salts that accumulate in the soil from months of watering with hose water (which was probably piped here from miles away). That’s one reason plants look so much better after a rain. Rain water is also high in nitrogen to help make plants green (okay this is a super simplified chemistry lesson or is it biology?–don’t ask me for technical details! I am a writer!). Rain brings the dust back down to earth to bring other nutrients to the plants.

It’s good timing too. I went to Armstrong Gardens yesterday with my coupons (LOL). I subscribe to Armstrong’s email newsletter. I bought three $1.99 tomatoes and $3.99 New Guinea Impatiens. Sign up for the newsletter at at http://www.armstronggarden.com and you will get great deals, too.

Enjoy the rain!