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Well, Cleo did injure our chicken. We did not realize it for about a week. My daughter discovered Doodles’ neck feathers falling out and then the black patch like tar on her neck just at the base of her head. The circular scab is about two inches wide.

It hasn’t seemed to stop her in any way or slow her down.  I tried to put medicine on it but the scab (I guess that’s what it is) is so thick.

It was scary to realize that Cleo really did hurt her. We have to be a lot more careful with her and the chickens from now on.

On a happier note, I have a Rosarian from the Rose Society coming on Monday to advise me on pruning my roses. I am excited to finally have an expert (from my area) tell me if I am doing it right or not. I have been clipping away at the roses for about a week now. It is such a big job that I have to break it up into an hour here and an hour there. I have 16 roses and I’m planning to buy three more despite all the work this time of year. They are the most rewarding plants once you get through the pruning.

I will post an update after I learn what mistakes I’ve been making (or hopefully not making!)