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Two posts ago, I wrote about my brother’s garden. Today, I think I uncovered the “seed” of his inspiration for growing things.  Look at my father’s garden in Dayton, Ohio, 1953. My father was at Wright-Patterson Airforce base–very far from the deserts and llanos of southern Arizona, but likely more familiar to my twenty-five year old mother, who hailed from that part of the country.  In a vacant lot next door, my father “farmed” this garden. That’s him on the far right:

Now here is my mother–I made her photo large since she is so pretty, but something is eating that cabbage:

Now here are the greatest photos of my dad showing my brother how to plant seeds. He must be around one-year-old.

Those are the seeds of inspiration! And a nice ancestor garden story to think about this weekend while you are working in your own garden. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!