My garden is glorious and I am really proud of it. Friends ask, “did you plant something different this year? I don’t remember it that way.”  (I didn’t; it is just that this is the best time of year for it.)

Really it wasn’t much work. I sneak fifteen minutes here and there to fix it up or plant seeds or bulbs. The kids planted this new section with me one Saturday. It is growing nicely although one daisy died right away.

We also planted corn in the vegetable patch. I learned a new secret to planting it here in the cool coastal area. From Pat Welch’s great book, I learned to start it in a plastic baggy, which I set on the computer printer for a few days. The corn which was put between two damp paper towels sprouted right away. Then we had to find room. I don’t think we planted enough to polinate so I am trying to figure out where to put more. I have pumpkins, tomatoes, beans, arugula and corn all up. Peas and cilantro seem to be dying now.

The sweet peas are blooming and one of my most gorgeous Austin rose is pink all over. The others seem to have tiny buds. I feel like they are minatures….not sure what I bought or maybe it just takes them a year or two.

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That is a slide show of some of the plants and flowers. The roses in the vases are my Austin roses. I have made some gorgeous bouquets.